When the real estate market shifts and adjusts, people get frightened and speculate about the negative implications. The scare tactics only allow for the knowledgeable homeowner and buyer to benefit. The real estate market will always experience fluctuation where the seller or the buyer will have the upper hand. It’s still about value and need. Notice a lot of homes on the market and for longer periods of time?  More inventory means buyers have more to choose from and begin taking their time before making offers.  Does this drive the price down? Sometimes depending on location, condition and value. 

Sellers – Get creative! Attract the BUYER! For instance, If you are receiving feedback on your condo that the HOA dues are high for a buyer’s taste, offer to pay the first year while they get accustom to it.  They would not have been approved if they couldn’t afford it. Most buyers are fearful because it’s new to them. This could save you thousands.

Buyers –  Make offers and get to a Win! Don’t be afraid to ask the seller to credit you for the modification you will need to the RV Parking area to fit your 35 foot trailer. If trailer storage is $200 a month, ask for the seller to credit the amount of $2400 for 12 months or $3600 for 18 months of storage while you make it work. 

Creativity is necessary in ALL real estate environments.  

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