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Preparing to Meet with a Mortgage Broker

The home buying process is rewarding, but also tedious. In fact, deciding that you’re interested in purchasing a house is just the first step. Where do you turn next? Consider making an appointment to meet with a mortgage broker.

Below are five things to have in order before you make the call to schedule an appointment.

Income details

The mortgage broker will want to know the current details of your income. Typically, recent pay stubs and tax returns will suffice. They will use this information to determine your borrowing power for a loan.


Your savings balance will help give the broker a better idea of how much you can actually afford. Be sure to print out the balance of all savings accounts that you are currently using.

Assets and liabilities

Again, this will enable the broker to get a better grasp of where you’re at financially. It will also help when the loan process comes into play. For assets, you’ll want to compile any type of investments, savings accounts, and motor vehicle records. For liabilities, take note at any personal loans, credit cards, and car loans.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but a broker needs proof of identity. Not only should you bring your license with you, but also a back-up method like a passport. Detailed identification will help when a credit check is necessary.

Questions Last but not least, come prepared with questions. This is the perfect time to get any worries or concerns that you may have out in the open. Even if you need clarification on a topic, now is the time to ask. It’s best to come with a written list so you won’t forget anything.

Although there are quite a few steps in the home buying process, there are professionals, like mortgage brokers, to guide you throughout the entirety.

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