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  • I hired a friend that was a realtor, and that did not work out. I Cindy Slack to find me a house which she had sold my house about 8 month earlier. After hiring Cindy Slack never looked back.

  • As first-time home-buyers, we were very happy we went with Cindy Slack & Team for this process. She really went above and beyond to assist us. She was always available when we had a question. Highly recommend!

  • I met Cindy Slack at a open house, and was very impress with her.

  • Very happy we went with Cindy as our real estate agent! As first time homebuyers, we had no idea what we were doing. She made it very easy and straightforward. She also provided great recommendations to local...

  • Cindy was proactive every step of the way and was always available to answer questions or calm our nerves! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sale a home.

  • Her knowledge of the local communities and of how to make the process move efficiently made for a very positive experience.

  • I would recommend all of my friends to contact Cindy if they are looking to either purchase or selling their home.​

  • I do heartily recommend her services to anyone looking for a broker who is tireless, resourceful and courteous. ​

  • She was very helpful in establishing a price when I was considering selling my home in Simi Valley.

  • The passion for their career shows immensely by their actions. I highly recommend this group of professionals above all others!

  • I can tell you will not find a better Realtor to represent your interests.

  • I would never think of asking anyone else to help me buy or sell a home. Truly the best there is.​

  • Do not hesitate to contact Cindy today if you need to sell or buy a home!! The rule as a Realtor is, "Never negotiate your own deal" - and the solution to that rule is the Cindy Slack Team